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Vorson FLSL-220 Pro Lap Steel Guitar with F-Holes
MSP: $629.99
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on 5-9-2018.
Product Description
With a gorgeous quilted maple top and cream-colored FP-90 pickups, the Vorson FLSL-220 lap steel guitar is immediately eye-catching, and the sound that it delivers is just as solid. The FLSL-220 is constructed out of mahogany with a semi-hollow design, giving you a warm, open sound that the FP-90 pickups and VSY-01 active electronics amplify beautifully, singing clearly when played clean, but woolly enough to thicken up nicely when you run it through a dirt pedal.

Active Electronics Deliver Killer Tone

Vorson has loaded the FLSL-220 with killer tone options! The FP-90 pickups accentuate the fullness of the mahogany body wood well, aided by the VSY-01 active circuitry, powered by a 9-volt battery. The active circuit gives you a high-output signal with a fuller frequency range than its passive circuit counterpart. The FLSL-220 also has Vorson's XTR circuit that lets you blend in just the right kind of midrange tone for your sound. Between the two pickups and this unique tone circuit, the FLSL-220 lap steel gives you a wide range of tones that can take you from folk to rock to country and anywhere in between.

Watch out our exclusive overview of the Vorson FLSL-220 Lap Steel:

Mahogany and Maple Construction

The FLSL-220 is built out of mahogany for the body and neck, which gives a full sound to the guitar. The natural quilted maple top adds a classic shine to the guitar, as the sculpted F-holes and semi-hollow design lend an openness and clarity to the sound. Vorson has made a lap-steel guitar that's made for professional use, but is priced at a point that any player can afford, whether you're a beginner looking for an instrument that will last, or an advanced performer looking to diversify your collection.


- Mahogany neck and body construction with quilted maple top
- Semi-hollow design
- 22.5-inch scale length
- FP-90 pickups powered by VSY-01 active electronics
- Three-way pick-up selector
- Two volume and two tone knobs
- Vorson's XTR tone circuit, for getting just the right midrange sound
- Rosewood fretboard with bar inlays
- Wilkinson Deluxe tuners
- Kirsite nut
Reviews From Buyers
For the money, this is a good buy. More importantly it's volume and tone knobs are placed where they don't interfere with your picking hand like so many others do if you're a lefty. This is the primary reason for me buying the Vorson FLSL-220 Lap Steel Guitar.
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 39 x 17 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): FLSL-220 KIT