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Ampeg Portaflex PF500 Bass Amplifier Head (500 Watts)
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
The Ampeg Portaflex PF500 bass head brings you 500 watts of low-end power, in an exceptionally compact and lightweight unit. It employs Ampeg's extensively developed and much lauded MOSFET solid state preamp. This gives you an amp with a super-clear clean tone, packing plenty of punch and power.

Check out our exclusive run-down of the Ampeg Portaflex PF500 Bass Amplifier Head:

Input and Outputs

Your Portaflex PF500 is a single-input design with a Mute and a -15 dB pad switch right next to the 1/4-inch input jack. The amp boasts both a single 1/4-inch and a SpeakON-style output for running to the cabinet of your choice. It pairs stylishly with the many fine bass cabinets in the Ampeg line (like the PF-115HLF or PF-210HLF), but will serve any suitably-sized cabinet with an minimum impedance of 4 ohms.

Lots of Ways to Play With Your Tone

You'll find a wide range of tonal control on the Portaflex PF500. To start, you've got classic Bass and Treble knobs to make sure the lows and highs of your tone are where you want them. Then you can really start getting into the intricacies of tone using the 5-position midrange control to craft the real "voice" of your bass sound. An Ultra Lo switch is there when you want to add more thud to the mix. The Ultra Hi switch is perfect when you need to drop a bass solo that will cut through the rest of the mix. You can also use the integrated Compressor to achieve still tighter and cleaner tones when you're raging at high volumes.

Awesome Features Throughout

A number of useful features make the Ampeg Portaflex PF500 a great amp for gigging musicians. There is an FX Loop Send and Return. You'll also find a Power Amp input and a Pre-Amp Output. The balanced XLR Direct Out on the rear panel runs easily to live mixers or recording consoles with a switchable -40 dB pad, and even features a pre-/post-FX loop switch! A thoughtfully included Tuner Out allows you to tune silently and quickly via a direct bass-to-amp 1/4-inch line. Finally, you've got a Ground Lift switch to eliminate ground noise when it arises.

Even More Control with an Optional Footswitch

The Portaflex PF500 also has a 1/4-inch TRS footswitch input that allows you to connect an Ampeg AFP2 (not included) or any other dual TRS footswitch to control the Mute and FX On/Off control.


- 500-watt MOSFET Preamp
- Class D power amp
- 1/4-inch and a Speakon-style outputs
- 3-way Bass/Mids/Treble
- 5-position Mid-tone control
- Ultra Lo/Ultra Hi boost switches
- Ground lift switch
- FX loop with footswitchable control
- XLR Direct Out with -40dB pad switch
- Power amp input
- Preamp output
- 1/8-inch headphone output / Line in
- -15 dB input pad switch
- Mute with footswitchable control
- TRS footswitch output
Reviews From Buyers
Well after subjecting my new PF 500 to three rehearsals at four hours each and its first club gig last night I think I'm finally ready to write a review. I admit I was somewhat hesitant to buy a Class-D amp at first having read a few negative reviews about fragile input jacks and reliability. But those were in the minority, the PF-500 specs and features were just what I needed, and Ampeg quality and tone are legendary. Also, Ampeg authorized service is close by so I went for it. zZounds made the purchase easy. I used the "play as you pay" option. I submitted the purchase with the first payment about 8pm one evening and got an email with the approval confirmation, payment schedule, and shipment information the next day. It arrived on the day predicted in perfect condition being packed in a box in a box like a set of Russian dolls. Quality and finish were first rate as I would expect from Ampeg. I'm playing a 5-string P-Bass with flat wounds through my PF-500 connected to an SWR Triad cab (15x10xhorn). Now sound quality is subjective to some degree but this amp sounded GREAT to me with Bass, Mid, and Treble set flat. That legendary Ampeg tone is there in spades! So starting there, tweaking these controls has been merely a curiosity so far, but I think you could find a sound for any style of music. I play mostly classic rock, blues, and Motown. By the second set last night I had settled on the following: Compressor at 12 o'clock, input gain at 1 o'clock, Ultra Lo and Hi both disengaged, Bass at 1 o'clock, Mid flat at 12 o'clock, and Treble at 1 o'clock. It was the most sonically satisfying gig I've ever played. I had thundering lows, clear punchy mids, and transparent highs all at the same time. The venue was not huge but I was loud with the output volume set at 1 o'clock. This amp should have plenty of power for any venue size unless it's so large the whole band is mixed through the PA. Now I need a Ampeg log'd T-shirt that says "FAT and PUNCHY"
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 9 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 99-025-0605